Healthwatch Birmingham – Statement, 9th February 2015

In line with good practice, at the Board Meeting on 2nd February 2015, the directors of Healthwatch Birmingham discussed:

  • The forthcoming likely reduction in the organisation’s budget;
  • The need for strong interim management arrangements;
  • The staffing review conducted by the organisation’s HR advisor.

The Board also reviewed its performance in line with its governing requirements.
After the discussion, and given that some of the directors had indicated that they were planning to step down due to other commitments, the Board resolved that it would:

  • Ask BVSC (as sole member of the company) to take a greater role in the overall line management of Healthwatch staff;
  • Put in place a process whereby interim and future management arrangements would be strengthened and supported;
  • Implement some changes in respect of governance and the strategic direction of travel for Healthwatch Birmingham Limited by ‘refreshing’ the membership of the Board.

With this in mind, the Board have asked BVSC to begin a process to help achieve this. Day-to-day operating activities will be maintained throughout this period, thereby keeping any disruption to a minimum.

The focus of this important piece of work will be upon strengthening the depth and breadth of the Board, as well as strengthening key aspects of Healthwatch’s operating structure so as to successfully embrace and overcome many of the challenges faced by the organisation in light of the external climate it is working within during these challenging times.

Please refer any enquiries to Brian Carr, the interim Chair of Healthwatch Birmingham, at:

Brian Carr
Chief Executive
138 Digbeth
B5 6DR

t: 0121 678 8801