Healthwatch Birmingham Quality Standard

Introduction to the Quality Standard


What is the Quality Standard?

Healthwatch Birmingham, in partnership with NHS England West Midlands, has developed a Quality Standard for using patient and public insight, experience and involvement to reduce health inequality.

The Standards provide health and social care organisations with a framework for ensuring that patient and public involvement (PPI) is carried out to the highest standards.  Our Standards outline “what good PPI looks like” and are supported by a number of tools allowing organisations to benchmark their current patient engagement activity.

What does the Quality Standard involve?

The Quality Standard consists of three principles and six objectives which describe how organisations should identify, understand and address health inequality and improve health outcomes.  The objectives are supported by a series of “You” statements, aimed at leaders, staff and service users, that describe what good looks like in specific areas of organisational activity.

The Quality Standard objectives are designed to be applicable to all health and social care organisations.

A number of tools have been created to support health and social care organisations to work with our Standards at a practical level. An Evidence Checklist provides examples of what processes need to be put in place in order to comply with the “You” statements.  The Evidence Checklist allows health and social care organisations to benchmark current PPI practice against the Standards.  PPI Improvement Action Plan templates are available to record deficits identified during the benchmarking process.  These PPI Improvement Action Plans outline tasks required to meet standards, have clear deadlines and are reviewed on a six monthly basis to ensure full implementation.

How is the Quality Standard Being Delivered?

In the autumn of 2016 we tested the Quality Standard with 14 West Midlands Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs) who each completed a self-assessment against the Quality Standard’s objectives.  The results of this process were used to upgrade the Standard and informed the further development of benchmarking tools. We are continuing to evolve and roll out our standards to health and social care organisations across Birmingham.

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