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Original feedback for

Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (BMEC)

Appalling service

1) The phone number on your website is for city hospital not eye hospital 2) After being passed around I was given a direct eye hospital number of 0121-5076780, hold for nearly 40min then get cut off with a robot telling me no one is available to take my call 3) Got a number for complaining dept and then the staff is on training?! 4) See the A&E last summer, was told need to be seen by the consultant urgently/within 2 weeks- nothing happened 5) After chasing for weeks, finally get to seen after 5 weeks, was told will be followed up in six weeks-nothing happened- told to carry on using steroid until next appointment 6) only been seen after 6 month- am I supposed to be using the steroid all these time?! 7) Went to A&E in Nov- was told to be reviewed in two weeks, use steroid until being seen. Was promised it won't be as busy as the outpatient team- 6 weeks passed, nothing! am I supposed to be using the steroid all these time?! 8) Went privately, was told develop early sign of Cactus, and could be the cause of prolonged use of steroid! Need an answer! 8) Try to ring today- then experienced point 1-3! Visited A&E and outpatient department as the choice below don't allow multiple choices!