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Birmingham Womens Hospital

Rated by Anonymous
5th March 2020
Response from provider

Post natal care horrific

Pre natal care was excellent.
I had a C Section - horrific. I picked up an infection - post natal care horrific.
Was transferred to a hospital over 30 miles away but was forced to go.

C Section went wrong - my children weren't breathing properly and they were not considered ill enough to stay at womens. I did not want to go to the other hospital but had no choice - so I was far away from family and friends and this meant I couldn't bond properly with my children, as I was trying to breastfeed.
My control over my own body and that of my children was taken away - I felt dismissed as though I didn't matter.
This is making us consider not having any more children - I would need specialist care if I did because of my health issues. The thought of being shipped off again is not worth it.
Care was excellent before C section.

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