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City Hospital

Rated by Anonymous
23rd March 2020

Doctor didn’t book me for a clinic

A pea-sized lump emerged from my urethra one morning, with slight bleeding. On phoning my GP the Practice nurse said if it was bleeding go to A&E. I went to our local hospital, City Hospital. I had a moderate but acceptable wait to get into A&E, then a longer wait for someone to come and look. Eventually a doctor came, with a student, took one look at my nether regions, drew back repulsed, (I know I had come before having my morning shower but....) said yuk, didn't know what it was , said it needed attention, to go back to my GP to get booked into a Gynaecology clinic. I knew I would be unable to get a GP appointment till middle of the next week and hence at least 10 days to get a clinic appointment so I pleaded with Doctor if she could book me in, after much reluctance she agreed she would and I would be phoned on Friday. No call on Friday. Saturday the lump was much bigger and turned black, to me with bio-medical experience it had obviously got twisted and blood was accumulating in the lump. Phoned the local emergency doctor number and managed to get an appointment with a local emergency clinic later that morning.

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