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Forward Thinking Birmingham

Rated by Anonymous
17th December 2018
Response from provider

Stressful experience

My daughter is bipolar. She was diagnosed when she was 15 and was previously under the care of CAMHS. When she got under the care of FTB aged 18 her health condition went seriously down. The consultant at FTB has tried to cut off her medication just talking to me without even discussing this with my daughter. The 3rd time my daughter saw the consultant he asked her before she even managed to sit down “have you got to grips with your drinking problem”. My daughter hasn’t ever got a drinking problem so the consultant completely got her mixed with someone else. He also diagnosed my daughter to have an attachment disorder, but didn’t give any information on this. Instead he just told her to google it! he also did this when the door to the waiting room was open too there was no privacy. He has used phrases like “before you go into your own world”. As a result my daughter does not want to see him at all. He is just looking at his computer and not getting to know my daughter at all. She is not being listened to at all! my daughter has been disgusted at her treatment.

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