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Forward Thinking Birmingham

Rated by A. Dyson
8th March 2019
Response from provider

Support is poor

Finch Road and Blakesley Centre.

All of the practitioners except the Medical Director are completely inadequate. The support, medical insight and experience is poor. I received a letter about diagnosis and they haven't completely written down my full condition. I saw a medical professional there who was not aware of my condition or history. I said I have autism and the professional was surprised. There is no transparency over who has which roles there. They don't read the notes ever. I keep saying 'Have you read the notes' and answer 'No.'

One merit is the Medical Director - I met him after attempted suicide. Very good for a few months. He questioned the medication I had been prescribed there. Told me really glad I didn't take what I had been given, if I had taken the flattening medication I probably wouldn't be here.

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