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Good Hope Hospital

Rated by Anonymous
16th August 2019
Response from provider

Dig a hole and wait to die, better experience

Over the years I have had 2 hospital stays and 2 clinic appointments here. The hospital stays were horrendous, one in particular where I was left in a side room surrounded by bowls of my own sick and diarrhea, for over 2 days before them being cleared, where I ended up re attach gmy own IV line due to staff shortages and general low staff morale. In the end insisting to the docs I'd be better off at home. The clinic appointments were always delayed and late, after waitj g 50mins goi g up and asking if there was a problem being told that they didn't consider 50minutes as running late! So, for the last 4-5 years myself and my family have simply refused to go to this hospital. Now I visit my GP, needing an urgent appointment at the breast clinic he books me in at Good Hope... I asked if it was possible for Heartlands, but apparently not on his option list, I wish I had enquired further as hey, guess what, before u even get to my urgent appointment I get a phone call to say the clinic has been cancelled due to "machine is broken". So... Still no funding available for here then? Still no care? And no reassurances from the appointment team that I would be seen or transferred or even considered now, so yeah, if you're told this is the only hospital available, my recommendation, don't bother, sitting in a hole waiting to die would be a better experience.

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