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Handsworth Wood Medical Centre

Needs inspecting

It has gone downhill. Modality has brought this surgery to it's lowest level yet. Some Doctors (Not ALL) cannot cope with so many patients are prone to forgetting, misdiagnosing, assuming, lack of care & attention to patients, refusing to talk about more than one complaint per visit because MODALITY set that preference. So if you have 5 complaints you have to make 5 appointments or 2 double & 1 single appointment, concidering you cannot get through to the reception to book an appointment because everyone is told to ring at 8.30am & then when you get through an appointment is weeks away. There are too many patients at this surgery. I wonder if anyone from Modality is registered here. It is a shame this once fabulous surgery has come to what it has now. Absolute chaotic management. Needs a thorough inspection & I shall be forwarding all the reviews & complaints on Google & here. I have too many complaints to share here!