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Handsworth Wood Medical Centre

Rated by Anonymous
8th February 2019

Shallow understanding of Mental Health Issues

Better than other treatment I have received from GP’s for mental health support. Health care professionals not surprisingly, but disappointingly, don’t seem to have a good understanding of depression. Other than that it means prescribing antidepressants and referring to a mental health service that offers some sort of therapy. I have had worse GP did not know what the leading mental health charity “Mind” was. Didn’t feel completely listened to and GP made assumptions. Good in terms of medication prescribed, increased when needed and monitored. Extreme difficulty in making appointments with surgery, waiting 45 / 50 mins when you are depressed and have no motivation is not good enough.
Moving from Birmingham to Coventry and back to Birmingham, I had no continuity of care for my mental health and had to start all over with referrals / explaining myself. Also no united understanding of high functioning autism / Asperger

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