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Heartlands Hospital

Rated by Anonymous
4th September 2021
Response from provider

Staff unprofessional and rude

I was a patient in bay 3. Whilst my stay on ward 1 BHH what witnessed was absolutely disgusting. The one night there was a poorly patient who i assume was end of life as this patient passed away on the morning. The nurse looking after this bay was very rude and very unprofessional as she was not caring at all had a horrible attitude towards her parients in bay 3. This nurse refused to help this lady opposite me as she needed the toilet so the two healthcare’s came and helped her on the commode. Throughout the night this nurse was not bothered about her patients i myself asked her for some pain relief and got a very rude answer back saying you just had it why you keep asking when you know you not due any. So anyways i made notes of this nurse that night. The poorly lady opposite me needed help but this nurse was nowhere to be seen the healthcares did her observations and then called this nurse to tell her that this patient is unwell and this nurses response was that, “what do you want me to do she is dying, drs can’t do anything nor can i”, the nurse left and went sat down. So the healthcares called another nurse who was more passionate about the care she was giving. The healthcares were amazing so was this other nurse they stayed witb her throughout the night despite being short staffed they did an amazing job.
On another occasion this was early hours of the morning the two healthcares come into bay 3 they went into the first bed to change this patient. They drew the curtains and went into do there job they were good at patient care few minutes later this nurse come and started shouting at them in a very high toned voiced she said to them why are you doing the patients care first you guys should be doing the observations and bms so you guys doing this is leaving us nurses behind with our jobs as now we have to do this she very rude to them girls.
I have heard them talking about other patients rudely infront of other patients. Where is the confidentiality?
There a few staff nurses that are very rude and very unprofessional at work. They do not how to be professional infront of patients. Few staff nurses i have seen using hospital linen to sleep on breaks and eat infront of patients. This has to stop as i would not want my loved ones to be cared for in such a environment. They supposed to be professionals but they do not have no care or passionate within them. Something has got to be done about this ASAP

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