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The Homeless Health Exchange

Rated by Anonymous
10th June 2021

Took time to listen and understand

We support adult survivors of modern slavery, we recently helped one of our clients to register there. Our client has significant mental health problems (including multiple suicide attempts, anxiety, depression) and in constant pain due to historic injuries. The Health Exchange carried out a really thorough and comprehensive assessment of her health (it wasn't a 10-20 minute rush), immediately referred her for a scan and offered her specialist psychiatric support quickly. What we particularly noticed and appreciate is that they took time to LISTEN AND TO UNDERSTAND the nature of our clients issues and then to ACT PROMPTLY. They took her concerns and issues seriously and understood the nature of her trauma without judgment with expert care. When we, as a support service, contacted the practice with our concerns (with client's consent), they took time to hear what we had to say and responded by arranging a call and an appointment with the client.

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