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Rated by Margaret C Balch
28th September 2019

Treatment protocols are ignored

The list is endless but basics are I have been on benzodiazepens for 48 years, doctors at my new surgery are non prescribers of benzo's I was referred to this establishment. The first doctor said that if I did not reduce quick enough they would do it regardless, when phoning for new prescription she only gave me 3 instead of 3 daily for 14 days she advised me it was difficult to work out dosage, she was late with the next one and on it goes she left I have yet to see the new doctor he cut medown anyway Iwent into total melt down down There is a protocol set down by Nice, BAT and several other tranquiliser addiction sites and all of them advise a slow withdrawel to lessen patient suffering. That is not happening here threatning and bullying is. People. Are appalled at the "treatment" I am getting but they do the prescribing it's out of my hands. They should be shut and all doctors hold go for retraining.

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