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Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Rated by Ric Cooper
10th June 2021
Response from provider

Efficient, calm and reassuring

I recently had a problem. The GP did not offer an adequate response so paramedics were called. The paramedics arrived promptly and were very efficient, calm and reassuring in checking me out. They decided I needed a trip to A&E where staff were waiting for me with a bed ready. The doctor and nurses here were also very organised, calm and efficient in running additional tests and checking me over. I felt I was in good hands and that things would turn out better than I had been thinking a couple of hours earlier. Everybody seemed to know what they were doing and everything ran smoothly. I was kept in overnight for further tests but as I appeared to have recovered over night by the doctor's and my assessment I was allowed to leave. The nurses had all been very kind and helpful during my stay.

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