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RJ Eye Centre

Rated by Anonymous
12th July 2019

Inefficient Customer service

Very poor customer experience given the fact that mother is physically disabled and a wheelchair user who has long term health needs. The optician misplaced her bi-focal measurements which I only found out a week after her appointment when following up collection date for her glasses over the phone. The reception was apologetic and advised to bring mother the following day which was short notice not to mention inconsiderate of her health and wellbeing needs and commitments and not doable. I made suggestions and was informed that they will follow through but to no avail. Once again I followed this up later on the week only to be advised that they will be happy to use her current bi-focal measurements and to bring it to the opticians the following day and that they were open til 6pm. Arrived at optician only to be informed that the optician has left for the day and to leave the glasses with them for measurements which would've been a further inconvenience. Requested to see their complaint procedure and the receptionist was unable to provide me with hard copy of thier procedure and pointed to their notice pinned on wall. Asked for manager's details and refund policy for inconvenience and whether the manager will call me to resolve this and was told that I should call the manager to follow this up. Absolutely obsured and inefficient customer service. Training and development most desperately required for incompetent staff to carry out basic principles of customer satisfaction. Gave one star as optician who saw to mum was friendly enough but standards not good enough.

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