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Soho Road Health Centre - Dr Bhalla's Practice

Rated by Anonymous
26th January 2021

Staff is rude and unprofessional.

I am having problems with appointments more than two years now. Each time I called there for appointment they asked me to call back again to get appointments. Its very annoying if I call there 8am or 3pm, always lines are busy and when they pick the phone they will say all the appointments booked and will ask to call back another time. Evan if I ask them for phone appointment and never asked for same day appointment. I always asked them if they can give me future appointment so we can have day off to attend appointment. Me and my husband are working from Monday to Friday and its very hard to call every day for two times. I always explain them that its not possible for us to call every day 8am and 3pm, sometime they listen and book phone appointment but most of the time they refuse. I complained to Manager as well but she was very rude and said she can't do anything as it is what it is. She said because most of their patients are not working so it is suits to them. I tried to explain her my situation but she was not interested. Its nearly two hand half year now. I am suffering few health conditions which not been treated properly because of not getting appointments. Never understand if its happening just to us or other people are struggling as well.

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