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South Birmingham Psychology Services

Rated by Joe
10th October 2016

Had an awful experience with one psychologist

I first came here many years ago for psychological support due to tragic circumstances when I had a bereavement. I originally came due to other reasons. I would very much wish to mention her name here but due to the terms and conditions unfortunately cannot. This was back in 1995 so it's all going back over 20 years ago now so as far as I am aware this psychologist no longer work's there as she has retired. But all the same I would just like to say this was the worst psychologist I have ever ever seen in all my life! She appeared very flippant over many of the issues I attempted to raise and it almost appeared she was trying to bring humour into everything I said! I'm sure there was a time and place for a bit of humour and a laugh but a counselling session at a clinic was not one of them!!

She was most insensitive with how she handled my bereavement and many of the other issues I attempted to raise and in all honesty she either didn't have a single clue on how to help and advise or quite simply just did not not care! But by the end of all the sessions I ever had with this psychologist she made things far worse let alone better. I did make a formal complaint to the South Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust a few years ago due to the experiences I had but unfortunately by then it was too late as she had already retired so there wasn't much they could do.

I dare say this individual was an exception. And I'm sure any of the other psychologists working there and anywhere else are hard working and only want to help and assist in every way possible they can. But I just wanted to share this.

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