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The Vesey Practice

Rated by Anonymous
14th July 2021

Almost impossible to get an appointment

Almost impossible to get an appointment. If you are lucky enough to get someone to answer the phone, you have to explain your problem to a receptionist. I assume this person has no medical training. She then decides if you are worthy of an appointment and whether it is with a nurse or a doctor. This system relies on a medically unqualified person making crucial decisions. Each patient apparently has a named GP, but there is never an option to see them or speak to them. So the named GP is pretty pointless. The whole appointment system assumes patients are free at 08.00 in order to dedicate an hour to repeat phoning in attempts to get through to the practice, then waiting in a phone queue listening to inane music if you do manage get through, then describing symptoms to aforementioned unqualified receptionist, then waiting by the telephone for a doctor/nurse to call you back at a vaguely specified time. It just doesn’t work for anyone who is trying to work at the same time. You have to take a whole day off work to dedicate to trying to get an appointment.

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