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Warstock CMHT

Rated by Anonymous
22nd April 2021

Help is not being provided.

This has been an on going problem with my GP and Warstock.

I haven't been doing very well mentally for a very long time, but the medication I was previously on worked, but since they changed it. Over the last year it has been declining worse.

On this day was my appointment and it feels like he is just palming me of like he did the first time I had an appointment. My major concern is no real advice was given and no help was provided, it was a meaningless phone call that left me feeling empty and that no one is ever going to actually ever provide me with some help and support. The only stuff that he must of considered as advice is you just need to stay positive, and what do you want me to do? He couldn't of cared less what help I was seeking. I raised concerns about my medication that I am taking because I feel like they do not work since either the GP or Warstock changed my prescription from the slow releases I was taking before to the ones they palm me off with straight to the pharmacy. So there is no point in taking the ones they offer me.
The GP don't make any appointments with me either and if they happen to get one its across the phone and I have to wait along time for them to call me back. None of them ever listed; including the fact I changed my mobile number, and they still haven't changed my number and continue to call my old number that no longer exists.

The NHS need to review this centre and possibly divert their funding to a different centre with better trained professionals.

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