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Warstock CMHT

Rated by Anonymous
12th February 2019
Response from provider

Left without medication

I had a mental breakdown when I was 19 and then another one 5 years later. I have since been treated at Warstock Lane CMHT. I have been diagnosed with psychosis and severe depression. I haven’t been to GP to talk about mental health as was bought straight to Warstock Lane as I was in crisis.
At Warstock CMHT I never liked my psychiatrist, so I had to write a letter for them requesting that I see a different practitioner. She never engaged with me or seem to care at all. They rang back and apologised. Now I am seeing a nurse, not a psychiatrist. The nurse has reduced my anti-depressants and I feel much better, as I was on them for over 10 years. I see my nurse every 3 months. I am here today to collect my medication. My medication was meant to arrive yesterday but it didn’t, I chased up about it but no one called me back and it really got on my nerves. Due to my medication issue, I have been really stressed. I came here to collect my medication one day late but turns out it isn’t ready today either so I am left without any medication and feel really stressed about this and having to constantly chase it. They know I am due to have my medicines so they should sort it out.

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