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West Midlands Ambulance Service (Non-Emergency Patient Transport - NEPT)

Rated by Anonymous
19th September 2017

Hospital transport refused carer to travel

Hospital transport dept. refused my carer to travel with me. They asked if I was mentally ill. Repeatedly put me on hold four times. Put some else on the phone without telling me I was been transferred or whom I was speaking to. Despite been on the call for 10 minutes. I was declined carer support whilst travelling to my appointment. Unless I got someone from my GP's surgery to confirm I'm mentally ill. My GP's surgery rang to confirm as requested and the carer was still declined! Saying I don't fit the criteria! I the had to contact My CPN and Psychiatrist to speak to hospital transport. It was not until after this, seven hours later, I was informed I was now allowed to travel with my carer. I was subjected to unnecessary stress and anxiety. I was not treated with dignity or respect and felt degraded and experienced mental health discrimination. This is totally unacceptable.

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