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Yewcroft CMHT

Rated by Anonymous
31st January 2020

Patronising & seemingly inexperienced staff

Awful experiences of care here. All of the members of staff I have dealt with have hugely downplayed the issues I have explained and made me feel patronised. It seems that the majority of them don’t even have a basic understanding of how to build rapport with a patient or talk to them on a human level, let alone have a good understanding of how to deal with someone in crisis. After telling them I felt suicidal with intent and plans I was sent home with a number to ring if ‘anything changes’. I can now understand why people feel that they have to make an attempt on their life to get the help they need, so very sad but true! This team seriously needs assessing as from my experiences I have walked out of there feeling genuinely worse in my mental health that when I walked in. Terrible.
I appreciate the NHS and mental health services are stretched beyond capacity but that doesn’t excuse staff members nonchalant attitude and lack of basic people skills. It’s inexcusable.

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