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Yewcroft CMHT

Rated by Anonymous
6th May 2021

Not providing a service at all

I'm meant to have appointments with the psychiatrist every 6 weeks. After waiting four months for my next appointment, they then phoned to say the psychiatrist is off sick and that they had no one else who could see patients. They said I'll go on a waiting list to see a temporary replacement, but that they haven't got one at the moment.

They then sent me a letter full of spelling mistakes, telling me to not call them, but to call a mental health charity if I need to speak to someone. I think its disgusting that the mental health trust for this city can't provide even a basic service. Surely they should be checking with all their patients how well we are to wait, rather than palming us off onto a different organisation!

I can't get a prescription from a charity, I need to speak to a doctor! I also had test results I needed to speak to someone about, but they said they've passed them onto my GP, who is impossible to get hold of. Why make it so hard for people with mental illness who are vulnerable. Absolutely shocking.

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