About us

Healthwatch Birmingham is your independent champion for health and social care services.

We exist to ensure people are at the heart of care. We provide patients and the public with ways to feedback and have a stronger say about the services they use. We listen to what people like about services, and what could be improved. This could be about general practices, hospitals, dentists, opticians, pharmacists, nursing and residential homes or care you receive in the community.

Making your views known

We have the power to ensure that those organisations that design, run or regulate NHS and social care listen to people’s views and act on them. People’s experiences prompt and lead our activities and investigations, with our reports focusing on improving services. We also encourage services to involve patients and the public in decisions that affect them.

Through our Information and Signposting Line, Healthwatch Birmingham also helps people find out the information they need about services in their area.

People sharing their experiences can make a big difference. Our aim is to help make health and care services better for patients, their families and their community.

Watch our short videos to find out about us:

An easy introduction to what we do, the simple ways you can share your experiences of health and social care services and how we are using your views to make services better. You can find accessible videos about Healthwatch here.



About local Healthwatch

Emerging from the Health and Social Care Act 2012, local Healthwatch were set up in every local authority area, to help put patients and the public at the heart of service delivery and improvement across the NHS. In total there are currently 152 local Healthwatch across England, facilitated and led by Healthwatch England.

  • You can find more information about the Board of Healthwatch Birmingham here
  • You can read our Procedure for Relevant Decision Making here
  • You can find out more Healthwatch Birmingham’s role in the local health and social care system, and how we work together with organisations to improve services here (Birmingham’s Children’s Adult Safeguarding Board Presentation – March 2016)

Healthwatch Birmingham (Registered England, Company Registration No: 08440757), PO Box 16875, Birmingham, B16 6TN