What we do

What is Healthwatch?

Healthwatch Birmingham is the independent champion created to gather and represent the public and patient’s experiences of using local health and social care services. Find out more here.

Helping people to share their views

People can share their (good or not so good) feedback and concerns about the health and social care services they are using in Birmingham. Patients and the public can share their experiences via our online Feedback Centre.

Help people find the answers they need

Our Information and Signposting Service is a free, confidential service that is independent of the NHS and Birmingham City Council. We can guide people to health, care and wellbeing information and support to meet their needs.

Work to ensure that peoples’ experiences are used to make services better

We make sure people’s views are known and used by local services. Our investigations and reports highlight important issues about service and care quality. By working with the health and social care system, our investigations reports enable us to highlight where services are working well, and where they can be improved.

We also communicate with sector regulators and Healthwatch England, to highlight concerns about specific care providers and identify trends.

Are present in local communities

Community engagement is one of the key ways we gather and understand feedback from patients, the public, service users and carers. Working with local organisations to combine our knowledge of local issues across Birmingham is key to us understanding the experiences of more people from all groups and backgrounds. With our team of volunteers we are an active presence in Birmingham and you can find out where we will be via our Events page.

Promote patient and public involvement in care

We help health and social care providers design and improve better services. NHS health and social care organisations can adopt our free Patient Feedback Widget which helps services collect and listen to the experiences of their patients or service users by placing the feedback tool directly on their website. Our Quality Standards for Patient and Public Involvement provide services with a framework to support the delivery and use of high quality patient involvement to influence improvement.

Visiting services directly

Healthwatch Birmingham may listen to people’s experiences of health and social care services by seeing and hearing for ourselves how services are provided. We do this by visiting the service’s premises directly to gather feedback. This is called an Enter and View. Find out more about Enter and View here

Healthwatch Birmingham Statutory Functions:

The statutory functions of Local Healthwatch are to drive improvements in health and social care by:

  1. Gathering the views and understanding the experiences of patients and the public.
  2. Making people’s views known.
  3. Promoting and supporting the involvement of people in the commissioning and provision of local health and social services and how they are scrutinised.
  4. Recommending investigation or special review of services via Healthwatch England or directly to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  5. Providing advice and information about access to services and support for making informed choices.
  6. Making the views and experiences of people known to Healthwatch England and the Local Healthwatch network, and providing a steer to help it carry out its role as national champion.