The aim of the review was to gather feedback from various stakeholders including patients and the public that would inform decisions about the future of the walk-in-centre.

By Healthwatch Birmingham
Consultations 2020

We shared a significant amount of feedback that demonstrated what works well when people access the service, the issues people face when they access the service, and what people would value from the walk-in centre. Based on the feedback we have received, we also highlighted the complementary role that walk-in-centres play in reducing access to secondary healthcare services.


We therefore asked the CCG to consider the following:

  • the potential impact of closure or relocation on service users, especially for different groups. Therefore the CCGs needs assessment should go beyond the information gathered in this review to include other data (i.e. JSNA) in order to develop a clear understanding of the health needs of the population that access this service.
  • the extent to which the service helps resolve some of the issues that Healthwatch Birmingham hears about in relation to access to GP services. One of the main reasons people cite for accessing a walk-in centre is failure to get a GP appointment and the inability to access the GP at the weekend or out of hours.
  • whether some of the concerns the CCG highlights about walk-in centres such as meeting NHS guidance on opening times, and addressing issues around integration with other services could potentially be resolved through service specifications when commissioning services.

Birmingham and Solihull CCG – Review of the Birmingham Boots walk-in centre Download File (pdf 241.19 KB)