As a result of people sharing their experiences of accessing hospital eye services in Birmingham, they should see an improvement in the quality of eye services in Birmingham and see their needs better understood by those that provide and commission eye services.

By Healthwatch Birmingham
Consultations 2019

NHS England has sent experiences we shared in our response to the relevant trust, CCG and hospital eye service asking them to ensure the experience of patients is used in the redesign of their hospital eye services.

In our response, we shared feedback about:

  • Staff attitudes, skills and knowledge as well as the quality of service
  • Inability to fully inform patients about their condition
  • Quality of care and treatment
  • The responsiveness of the service

We also shared case studies that demonstrated the different elements of the eye service that lead to a good experience and satisfaction among patients. Also, we highlighted areas where things did not work well for patients including poor and inaccurate communication, inaccurate diagnosis, delays in treatment, and accessibility issues for patients.

NHS England – Your experience of hospital eye services Download File (pdf 364.79 KB)