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Strange appointment

Came for a follow up appointment. Took five minutes standing up queuing to even record I had arrived. They've updated the waiting room, which makes more space, but it was still very crowded, and hardly any seats. The one I had to sit in was sticky. There's a sign to say you can ask for water to drink, but the staff were so busy, it was hard to approach them. A nurse updated the whiteboard to indicate waiting times were over an hour, but no one said at sign in, and she didn't say out loud to the room, which would have been helpful. Finally got called in to see consultant, who was very abrupt and rushed through with the appointment. He interrupted it to take a call on his mobile. He gave a lot of information very quickly, and then suggested treatment options I'd already tried, so he didn't seem to have read any of my file.He dismissed this and said I should just take it up with my GP instead. I felt very rushed and that I couldn't ask the questions I needed too. I had to sit in the reception for a while after just to regather my thoughts I'd felt so rushed.