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Bout of vertigo

June 2, 2024
During a visit to Edgebaston Cricket Ground on May 18th I suffered a bout of vertigo and became very dizzy. Members of The St John Ambulance and the doctor in attendance were very kind and extremely thorough whilst looking after me. Not only did they give me a thorough examination to check that I was ok but they also arranged for my son to bring his car into the stadium entrance so that he could pick me up.
I wanted to express my thanks to them for being so helpful and caring during a difficult time for me and my family.

Excellent, caring treatment

July 22, 2022
I tripped and fell at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground and grazed and bruised my knuckles on my right hand. As they were bleeding I needed some plasters. Staff was excellent and attended to my needs with good humour and efficiently. A young teenager took all my details and there was an older gentleman in attendance too. My experience was much appreciated and they really got me out of a sticky situation. I would have liked to have made a donation at the time but I didn’t think about it. I will send something if you can send me an address so that it goes to the right branch or destination.
Judy Pearce

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