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Really good

April 23, 2024
It's really good. Caters for everyone's needs. The appointments are really annoying as they are hard to get otherwise they're good.

Very difficult to get an appointment.

February 20, 2024
Very difficult to get an appointment. I have not seen my GP since covid. It's always a nurse or junior locum doctor.

They're fine but we have moved.

January 15, 2024
They're fine over there but we're looking for a new surgery as we have moved. Appointments to see the midwife are booked regularly and I can see the GP when I need to.

They give appointments and are kind

January 8, 2024
They're okay. I don't use them often but they got me an appointment today for the hospital. I can't remember if I waited that long. They do give appointments and are kind.

My GP is brilliant.

October 30, 2023
They're good actually. My GP is brilliant and there's only been a couple of times I have not been able to see them but I will always see a GP or nurse and that's fine by me.

You have to call everyday until you get in

October 30, 2023
It has changed now. You have to call on the day for an appointment. We did find that if you call bang on 8am and there's no appointments they won't offer future appointments. You just have to call back each day until you get an appointments. There is no local walk in's close by to get to either.

It's very good now

June 9, 2023
Now it is good, there's a good doctor. Before it was okay, now its very good. Used to be hard to get an appointment. would have to wait on the phone for ages for someone to answer, then I didn't always get appointments.

Difficult and no help offered

April 25, 2023
They're no good. I can't get through to them to get an appointment. I start work at 8am and have to phone at 8am to get an appointment, which is really difficult. The whole surgery is the same. There's no help for counselling, was just given a number to call, and it was the wrong number. It didn't meet the criteria. I have obtained help myself for domestic abuse via a stand at the hospital.

They were good

February 13, 2023
They are good, been there since I was little but moved as I moved house and had to move surgery being out of the catchment area. I think I will try to go back to them as I am not happy with the GP I have now.

Ask too many questions

August 4, 2022
They ask you too many questions then don't give you an appointment. They take too long to arrange a face to face appointment. I just don't bother using them.

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