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Visiting access

Mental Health
May 28, 2022
My nephew is in Beech Ward at Woodbourne Priory. he was moved there after a brief time elsewhere. whilst in there his family were able to visit between 11am and 8pm. he responds very well to the support of his very caring and very loving family. now he has been moved (against the better judgement of family and as a result of finance and bed numbers on the nhs part) his family/girlfriend have one hour per week to see him. as part of the mental health sector, how can this be deemed in the best interests of any patient when we know that social support and social interaction are crucial in the rehabilitation process? the reason given is Covid. our country has moved in from such limitations.

Helpful and supportive

March 20, 2020
They were helpful and supportive but didn’t offer enough therapies. I have spend time in inpatients.

It has been dealt in appropriate

Mental Health
November 22, 2018
My son was sectioned under section 3. He was transferred to home treatment by FTB under a 117. When the hospital discharged him, they did not add on the discharge paperwork that he needs (depakote) mood stabiliser medication. This left him without essential medication for one week and the FTB needed to be chasing the hospital for authorising of his medication. He was in a highly vulnerable stage at this stage and the lack of essential medication left him even more vulnerable. He actually rang the hospital asked to be able to go back to priory and they just told him go to A&E. His discharge should have been dealt with in a more sensible way. His support and care in the community was not fully in place at the time of his discharge and this should not be happening!

Treated differently in different hospitals

Mental Health
January 29, 2018
I have been in different mental hospitals last year as my mental health has gone down and I had a break down. In Woodbourne Priory I was picked on by staff e.g. being scratched by staff members and even pushed and having staff members shout in my ear.

Horrendous. Given 1 star as 0 not an option

Mental Health
October 22, 2017
Dreadful communication by nurses and doctors.
Poor phone access to switchboard out of hours and dreadful phone access to some of wards at any time.
Obsessive, inflexible rules for parents as well as patients.
Poor weekend service for when problems arise.
No attention to detail in order to give optimal care or even accurate diagnosis.
Very little addressing of concerns raised as they happen and sluggish initial response even after complaint submitted.

Excellent care. Staff really do care.

April 16, 2015
I was helped so much here. Much better than other hospitals I have been in. Staff really listened and helped. My doctor gave me loads of time and she explained things really well. The therapists gave lots of good advice and my family therapist was great. Highly recommended but once there you don't want to leave.

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