A Proposal for the Future of the Carers’ Grant Consultation

June 20, 2017

From Birmingham City Council
The City Council has provided grants of £250 to carers in the city. The purpose has been that carers use the grant to purchase goods or services to help them in their caring role. As part of the City Council’s 2017/18+ budget, a proposal was included which would significantly reduce the funding available for carers’ grants.
They are currently seeking views on the ways they can more effectively target and focus remaining funds. The City Council’s application process for carers’ grants is currently suspended so that this consultation can take place.

New proposals

We propose that in place of the current £250 Carers’ Grant scheme, we introduce a process which would allocate an amount of money to a carer following the outcome of an assessment, with the Birmingham Carers’ Hub.  This would be a one-off payment. The money will allow a carer to arrange how to manage their own wellbeing and contribute towards their being involved as an active citizen in family and community life, and to engage in work, education and leisure.

Find out more and share your views at: https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/people-1/cg/

Consultation closes on the 30th July 2017.

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