Early Years Health and Wellbeing Services Consultation Now Open

December 2, 2015

Every parent wants the best for their children. We want to support this by providing every child living in Birmingham with an equal chance to have a really good start in life.

We feel this will be achieved if every child has a good level of development when they start school.

Early Years Services are provided to support parents from the time a child is conceived up until the age of five. How well a child does in their early years has a huge impact on how they do in the rest of their lives.

Birmingham’s Early Years Services provide support for around 100,000 parents and 80,000 children at any one time.

To enable us to deliver the results we want for children and parents we will need to radically rethink how we will work in the future.

Our plans are ambitious and include creating a new integrated Health and Wellbeing Offer for parents by changing the way we deliver the following services

  • Children’s centres;
  • Health visiting and family nurse partnerships;
  • Parenting support services;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding support services

We are consulting on how you want these key services delivered in the future. The consultation document and questions outlines our plans and gives you an opportunity to tell us what you think.

Everyone’s views are important and we would ask that you share the information about this consultation with those people who any changes might affect.

There are eight questions that we would like you to respond to but we also welcome any other comments you might wish to make in relation to Early Years Services in Birmingham.

The Early Years Consultation questions can be found here

The consultation runs from Monday 30th November 2015 to 28th February 2016 and we hope to hear from you within this period.

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