Help improve services for people with Autism and ADHD in Birmingham

July 13, 2017

From Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group
The NHS in Birmingham and Solihull are looking at ways to improve the process of diagnosis, treatment and support for adults with Autism and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Birmingham. To help, they want to hear your views and experiences through their online survey.

Share your views:

The consultation is open until the 17th July 2017.
The survey asks about your experiences of getting a diagnosis or assessment and of any support or treatment you may have had. They welcome anyone with an interest in this area to complete the survey and particularly encourage the following people to participate:

  • People with Autism and/or ADHD
  • The parents, carers, partners, friends or advocates of people with Autism or ADHD

The feedback you give will be used to shape future services and support for people in Birmingham and all your comments will be kept anonymous.

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