Birmingham Safeguarding Children's Board – Draft Practice Standard

December 17, 2015

Draft Practice Standard – The Voice of the Child.

Birmingham Safeguarding Children’s Board publishes Draft Practice Standard. 
These practice standards are in addition to the policies and professional standards of each agency and profession and the policies of Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board. Each practitioner has an individual responsibility to be aware of the policies and standards that apply to their actions at any time.
Everything we do is informed by children and young people’s experiences, views, wishes and feelings.
Each Board partner ensures they receive, understand and act upon the views of children and young people in developing and planning safeguarding services in the city.

  1. All practitioners ensure that at all times they put the voice of the child at the heart of their work. Every practitioner, regardless of agency or service, must record the steps they have taken to include the voice of each child or young person likely to be affected by the action(s) they propose to take and consider these when making decisions.
  2. When the child/young person is able to express their experiences, views, wishes and feelings, these should be recorded in the official case record, regardless of the agency or service involved.
  3. When the child/young person is unable to express their views directly, whether through age, disability or any other factor, the practitioner must seek to understand the child’s experience when considering their environment and welfare, and must ensure that this is fully reflected in their records. In addition the views of parents, guardians, advocates and other people who may be able to interpret or represent the child’s wishes should be considered and recorded in the same way as the child’s own voice.
  4. When a child or young person expresses views or feelings in opposition to the decisions that practitioners believe are necessary to safeguard his/her welfare, the practitioner must demonstrate the necessity and proportionality of any action then taken. The practitioner must ensure that the child/young person is fully informed of these reasons.

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