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October 12, 2016

Speech Bubble Infographic for TwitterHealthwatch Birmingham would like to hear from mothers in Birmingham about their experiences of Bounty, the parenting club, who provide a range of services for new parents and families.
Bounty representatives visit mothers who have recently given birth to provide information and guidance and give out freebies. In visiting new parents on hospital wards they also sell photography services.
At a recent local community engagement event, Healthwatch Birmingham heard from a new mother who shared their experiences of Bounty during their stay on a Birmingham maternity ward. They told us:

  • Representatives were present on the ward asking to take photographs of mothers and their new-born babies.
  • She was approached by a Bounty representative an hour after returning to the ward after a C-section.
  • She felt that representatives were pressurising new mothers to have their photographs taken, which is concerning for new mothers in vulnerable situations.

Tell us your experiences

We are keen to understand more people’s experiences – good or bad – about Birmingham maternity wards. A patient’s experience within a care setting, from the beginning of their care to conclusion, is really important. It can tell us about the quality of care received and whether improvement is needed.
If you have experienced Bounty whilst under the care of Birmingham Hospitals please tell us your experiences, whether positive or negative:

  • Visit our online Feedback Centre at Simply search for the Hospital and complete our short feedback form. If your feedback is about Bounty please make this clear within your review.
  • Email us at
  • You can feedback anonymously. Your personal details will be kept confidential and not shared with third party organisations.

What will we do with your feedback?

All feedback we receive from patients, the public, service users and carers about their experiences of local health or social care services helps shape our investigations going forward.
Feedback is used to provide a better understanding of care quality across the city. We may request more information from service providers or make recommendations for change or improvement, based on patients’ experiences.

About Bounty

Bounty is a national organisation providing support services to new mothers and families. You can find out full information about Bounty at:
Discussions and concerns about Bounty have been taking place for a number of years. From blogs by mothers in national press (the Guardian and the Telegraph), BBC news stories to online petitions on, 38 Degrees and social media sites.

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