Healthwatch England Media Statement on Government Funding Announcement on Mental Health

January 12, 2016

Responding to the government’s announcement on an increase in funding for mental health services today Susan Robinson, National Director of Healthwatch England, said:
“The Healthwatch network have found that support for mental health is now the public’s number one health concern. The Government’s increased investment is therefore hugely welcome, and we hope it will continue to help bring mental health issues out of the shadows.
“Our conversations with people on primary care found that people have great ideas about how services can be improved in ways that make resources go further, such as providing more flexible access to talking therapies and peer support networks.
“‘Safely Home’, our report on unsafe discharge, found some good examples of how services can meet challenges such as those faced by new mums suffering with severe depression and people needing crisis mental health support.
“Today’s announcement is a real step towards ensuring that this good practice is replicated across the country and local Healthwatch will be well placed to help services involve and inform people properly as this investment is rolled out. This will help ensure we get the right mental health support if and when we need it.”

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