Latest study calls for participants : Psychosocial and physical environmental correlates of sedentary behaviour in older adults

May 24, 2016

UoB Research Study A4 poster copy
From the University of Birmingham – call out for study participants
The aim of this study is to investigate social psychological, and physical environmental variables that may be associated with an individual’s sedentary behaviour, i.e., the time you spend sitting or lying. Social psychological variables include: well-being, motivation and sleep-quality, whilst physical environmental variables include: your perception of the local environment, local safety, and availability of green spaces.
We also want to investigate the health benefits of taking breaks from sedentary time, and replacing sedentary time with light activity. We currently know very little about the factors that determine sedentary behaviour, and this research will begin to help our understanding.
High levels of sedentary time are associated with poor health, such as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In older adults, the negative health effects of ‘too much sitting’ appear to be greater; it is therefore important to understand factors associated with sedentary behaviour to inform future research and health guidelines as to how to help individuals limit how sedentary they are.

  • For more information download the poster by clicking the image.
  • To get involved contact Tom Hodgett on 07528 870292 or email

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