New video series launch makes it easier for people to share their experiences

October 3, 2017

A new video series has been launched by Healthwatch Birmingham to support more people to share their views about local health and social care services.
The three short videos provide information about our role, how patients and the public can feedback to us and the range of services they can tell us about. This includes GPs, pharmacists, hospitals, opticians and dentists, care received in the community and nursing, care and residential homes.
The aim is to encourage more people to share their experiences, whether good or bad, about the quality of care they are receiving.  The videos also highlight how trends in people’s views are used to make local services better.
Currently Healthwatch Birmingham information can be found by reading details on our website, through social media, printed leaflets and through talking to us directly at events. Through these engaging and informative videos, people will be able to easily get a greater understanding of how they can speak up about their experiences. People can watch online and by mobile through our website and social media.

Watch the videos

Video 1: Find out what we do, how you can speak up about local health and care services, and how we’re supporting people to make your views known.

Video 2: Join the growing number of people sharing their feedback with us – find out which services you can talk to us about and the types of things you can share your views on.

Video 3: Find out what happens when your share your feedback with us, and how it can help us make local services better.

The videos will be permanently placed on the About Us page of the Healthwatch Birmingham website.
Andy Cave, Chief Executive Officer stated: “In launching these videos we hope to provide a fresh and exciting way for people to find out how to share their experiences with us. We also aim to raise awareness of the vital contribution people’s views can make to improving local services.
“We want more people to feel they can talk to us and share their views. To achieve that, our communications provide people with a range of different ways to access our information, in a way they prefer.
“As we increasingly see more communications moving to mobile and video it’s important we keep up with current trends. We have big priorities to ensure we are engaging with people in an informative, accessible and, ultimately, interesting way.
“Through the videos we want to motivate people to speak up. Their views can make a big difference, and are supporting Healthwatch Birmingham to place patients and the public at the heart of health and social care improvement.”

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