Seeking your views on Procedures of Lower Clinical Value

February 12, 2016

Birmingham South Central and Birmingham CrossCity CCG are seeking your views on changes to criteria for some routine procedures.
Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are responsible for buying healthcare services for their local population.
Some routine procedures such as cosmetic surgery, cataracts surgery, hip and knee surgery and removal of tonsils are known as Procedures of Lower Clinical Value (PLCV). These are considered to have value, but only in the right circumstances. For a patient to receive these treatments they must meet a set of criteria in the related clinical policy.
At the moment, the criteria for a PLCV may vary between areas. This can cause differences in the availability of some procedures depending on where you live.
The CCGs across Birmingham and Solihull believe there should be a single, consistent, core set of policies which is fairer to patients. They have worked together to review the criteria for 21 PLCV policies and updated them with the latest national clinical guidance and evidence. All patients who may require a PLCV will have to meet the same criteria, regardless of whether they live in Birmingham or Solihull. This ensures all patients are treated fairly.
They are keen to hear patients’ views on the revised policies – find out more by visiting

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