What will Healthwatch Birmingham be investigating next?

September 3, 2018
Results of public survey announced to select Healthwatch Birmingham’s next investigations.

Members of the public across the city have been sharing their views about what we should investigate next. Through voting on 5 key health and care issues, the quality of mental health provision provided by General Practices was the most popular topic chosen, with over 200 votes (31%).
Over 680 votes were cast in the short survey, which saw Healthwatch Birmingham gathering people’s views online and out in community engagement.
The next most important issue chosen by people was the quality of service in the waiting rooms in Birmingham Hospitals, with over 160 votes (24%).

As a publicly led organisation, Healthwatch Birmingham carried out this survey to ensure that we highlight and include service user’s needs and concerns in our future activities and investigations. We asked members of the public to select the topics that they thought would most affect the quality of health and care services they use, which also included topics such as prescription management, Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) complaints services in hospitals and the quality of care in specific General Practices in the city.
Updates on the progress of our investigations will be published on our website.

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