This report summarises feedback heard by Healthwatch Birmingham between April 2021 and March 2022, from people who live and work in Birmingham, about their experiences of health and social care.

By Healthwatch Birmingham
Investigations 2022

The feedback covered various services across the city and reflected people’s care experiences during this period. Feedback was collected using a variety of different routes including engagement, community events and research.

In this report we find that access to services, care and treatment has been variable across Birmingham with significant concerns in some services such as mental health, dentistry, and GP services.

  • Except for the first quarter, all subsequent quarters had much higher negative feedback for GP services, at 43% in Q1 to 74% in Q4 and as high as 80% in Q3.
  • Dentistry has seen a 21% increase in negative feedback over the year.
  • Negative feedback for mental health services has increased across the quarters standing at 73% in Q1 and 94% in Q4.
  • Feedback concerning hospitals has been variable over the year with slight differences
    between negative and positive feedback in Q1 (50% positive and 47% negative) and Q4 (43% positive and 42% negative); more negative feedback in Q2 (63%) and more positive feedback in Q3 (56%).
  • Feedback for social care services has been variable ranging from 59% negative in Q1,
    77% negative in Q2, and positive in the Q3 (46%) and Q4 (64%).
  • Overall feedback on pharmacies is positive with 83% in Q1 and 56% in Q4.

Healthwatch Birmingham would like to thank all patients, service users, carers and relatives of people using these services for providing their feedback.

Access to Health and Social Care Services in Birmingham Download File (pdf 1.33 MB)

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