Healthwatch Birmingham is proud to present our 10th anniversary annual report, in which we showcase some of the most important changes we have helped to make to local health and social care in the last year, alongside highlights of our work since we were established to serve the people of Birmingham in 2013.

By Healthwatch Birmingham
Annual Reports 2023

We gave more people than ever a voice in 2022-23, collecting feedback from over 8,000 residents about the services they use. We have used what people tell us to fight for important improvements to health and social care, such as demanding independent reviews of patient safety at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) or calling upon NHS commissioners to ensure equal access to primary care.

This builds upon our strong track record of impact over the past 10 years, including:

  • Improvements to hospital waiting rooms
  • Working with diverse communities to tackle health inequalities
  • Better prescribing systems in mental health services
  • Helping people to find emergency supplies of food and medicines during the Covid-19 lockdown
  • More patient-centred care in GP practices

Healthwatch Birmingham would not be able to make such a difference without all the local people who share their views with us, the commitment of our staff, volunteers, board and voluntary sector partners and the dedication of all the NHS staff and others working hard to deliver high quality care. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 10 years and we welcome everyone who wishes to join us in our mission to ensure everyone can access the best possible care in the future.

Annual Report 2022-23 Download File (pdf 2.18 MB)

There have big changes in health and social care services since Healthwatch Birmingham was established as the independent voice for patients 10 years ago, yet listening to people’s views of the services they use and acting on their concerns remain the core reason we exist. Understanding what people tell us about their experiences enables us to be a watchdog over the myriad services providing health and social care across Birmingham, allows us to give credit when services are performing well, alongside highlighting areas that need to be improved. Crucially, by advocating for the views of patients and the public, we help them to shape the way services are delivered in future. - Richard Burden, Chair, Healthwatch Birmingham

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