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Obtaining an appointment is very difficult

April 16, 2024
Every time you ring for appointment either the phone is engaged or they say we no more appointments left.

There should be call back service so patients lose their place in the queue.
In particular for elderly patients it’s difficult to make repeated calls for appointments,
For example I rang yesterday morning 2 minutes pass 9am I was told no appointments left and then rang 5pm and I was no appointments left.

Then I rang this morning 9am and the answering machine message was saying we have reached to our full capacity and unable to answer your call please try later on.

Subsequently I rang again and manage to obtain an appointment for today with the Dr, he treated me with respect and dignity.

But the appointment system needs to be reviewed in order to work out a mechanism to make it easier for service users.
Abdul Ghafoor

Useless Doctors Surgery

March 8, 2024
This " surgery " needs to either get their act together or close permanently because it is impossible to get an appointment or see the doctor they are still working like the covid pandemic is still ongoing which it isn't, it's a poor surgery and I am considering changing doctors, useless, lazy and can't do their job properly
Carl Maling

Can never get appointments

February 19, 2024
I can never get through to them or get an appointment. I get through and there are none. I then I just forget to call them again.

Impossible to book an appointment

January 4, 2024
It's impossible to get an appointment with my GP due to having to phone on the day and first thing in the morning. The phone is constantly engaged and if by miracle I do get through then all the appointments are gone. You can't pre-book appointments any longer which is impossible with work commitments and children in school.

Get put in long queues, covid is over

June 2, 2023
I've been with the surgery for over 20 years. I used to be able to just call for an appointment. Now if you call, you just get put in a long queue, waiting, waiting. Since covid, if me go at 8:45am in the morning, me can get seen face to face. Covid is well over now, it should be back to normal, but it's not. It's been a good doctor over the years but it's getting seen now.

No trouble for me

June 2, 2023
They're good good doctors, they're no trouble for me.

Rubbish - prescribe medication over the phone

May 3, 2023
They're rubbish. You call them and they don't answer. They say to call back at 4pm and they don't answer, cut the phones off. They're rude when they do answer. They just give you medication for what you say you have instead of asking me to come in and see what's going on. They will see my 6 month old son face to face and only recently asked if I wanted to come in.

Lock the doors

February 6, 2023
They are not answering. They do not reply back about blood tests. I call every time and they don't call back. No appointments, I phone at 9am and 1pm and no appointments. I go to the reception and they lock the doors and do not open the doors, secured access. Some people do not have phones so they should open the doors. They don't answer the phones, it's very bad. They don't need to lock the door.

They need to see people urgently

November 25, 2022
Before lockdown I could get an appointment for the next week. They need to see people urgently. They don't book future appointment. They can't manage.

Can't contact them to make an appointment

July 27, 2022
They're not good, I can't get through to them to make an appointment, it's all still over the phone. Have to go through a weekly process of calling them and the doctor might see you face to face.

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