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No doctors appointments

November 8, 2021
No doctors appointments , face to face , real appointments,I have multiple conditions, and am in severe pain , the doctor knows this, says he can’t do anything else and has referred me to the pain clinic, who say they will take ages for an appointment, I think this severe arthritis is pancreatitis related, I’ve had this , and been hospitalised at least 6 times since November 2020, and have been trying to get a proper face to face , in person appointment since March 2020, for pain , I really can’t stand this pain anymore, and am thinking of cannabis, I have never taken recreational drugs , and don’t want to , but I will if this goes on .

total rubbish

October 8, 2021
can not get hold of a so called doctor ,keep you on hold and then disconnect ,can not be bothered to give repeat scrips, a total waste of time and money should be closed down


April 18, 2021
Excellent service all the time.

Surgery is very good

January 18, 2019
My doctors surgery is very good, I have no problem with appointments with quick waiting times. The reception staff are very good and I get reminders on my phone.
Edward Lence

Difficulty getting appointments

December 18, 2018
My 6 month old son got ill two days ago. I called for an appointment. I was told to call back at 8.30am.
I called and I was told same call back later at 1pm. I did not get the appointment.
Mohammed Rezai

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