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Not able to see a doctor either sent to badger

December 3, 2021
Patient suffering from asbestosis had zero treatment for it

No face to face appointments

November 22, 2021
Have to phone at 8am and lucky if you actually ever get through to speak to a person. Can be on hold for an hour and sometimes you get cut off and have to start again. Also, I have been told on occasions that all appointments for the day have gone and to ring back again the following day. Then cannot get a face to face appointment but a medical person calls you back. Amazingly they can prescribe antibiotics without even seeing you in person but from a photograph. Twice I had antibiotics for an infection I didn't have . Eventually I went private and ended up paying £300. I havent visited a doctor for over 2 years so feel I deserve better care when I am not clogging up NHS services by constantly ringing them with minor ailments that a pharmacist can help with.

When you can speak to a GP then it's ok

November 17, 2021
The system of phoning at 8 am for any kind of appointment is crazy and ineffective. Often you are on hold for 45mins to be told there are no appointments. Surely there could be a system where you are told if there are no more appointments... Instead of waiting 45 mins!! Each time you phone you have to listen to the same 3 minute message... Even if the phone lines are closed!! The staff who answer calls during the day told me I had to call 119 for a sick note! Please train your staff to listen carefully - surely the question about needing a sick note due to COVID isn't a new query?!

Can't get to speak to anyone, can't get an appointment

November 16, 2021
Your on hold for over an hr to be told there are no available appointments

Awful service

July 14, 2021
Awful service, always new Drs, they don’t understand or read back about long term conditions or their complications. Tried to stop medication which was dangerous to do, I had to get in touch with my consultant for them to contact them to prevent it. Can’t get appointments and when you do you’re rushed and not listened too. Completely pointless so I’ve been going straight to my consultants recently rather than them, even when consultants have wrote requesting meds to be prescribed they refuse.

making appointments/contact

February 22, 2016
It's is nightmare to get an appointment for a doctor.
Surgery could never be contacted for an appointment between 8.00- 9.30 am . Always engaged. Finally when you manage to get through , it is always the case there aren't any appointments available for the day. Staff directs you to the Walk in centre in the town centre. I am just fed with this practise.
On another occasion I had to wait six months for a blood test on advise of the doctor. The reason given by the surgery for the delay was the nurse who was handling the matter was on holiday.!
I hardly go to see the doctor. But when I need to see a doctor ,there is no one there to help you.
As a tax payer, it is sad to see this state of affair. Is this what we have achieved with all the work we put in and pay taxes ?
Surendra lakshman

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