Healthwatch Birmingham launch Health & Social Care Information Route

February 9, 2016

Healthwatch Birmingham can announce the launch of our Health and Social Care Information Route, which will guide people to find details about how to access health and wellbeing services and support links.
Available on the Healthwatch Birmingham website, the Information Route provides links for people to:

Visit the Information pages at:
As part of our statutory functions, Healthwatch Birmingham are providing support for people to make informed choices and are encouraging those who need help navigating the health and social care system to use the Information Route. Those who remain unsure as to which organisation they need can always contact us directly for further details.
Healthwatch Birmingham also wants to ensure we are continuously improving. Each Information Route page has a short feedback form which we are asking visitors to complete to make sure we are providing the right links to meet peoples’ needs.
For those accessing health and social care services in the city, we are also encouraging you to share your experiences via our online Feedback Centre. Healthwatch Birmingham work to ensure that peoples’ experiences using local services is fed into analysis of what is working well, and where service improvement and redesign is needed.

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