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Tested my hearing

July 20, 2022
They tested my hearing. They are very hard to get through to, you have to go to them. Sometimes you get through to them and sometimes you don't.

It's chaotic

July 11, 2022
I've been a patient here for 30 years, for a long time and its chaotic. You can't get through on the phone to make appointments. If I need one, I have to physically go down to the surgery to make an appointment. There is also a lack of communication between staff and patients.

Its very frustrating

June 10, 2022
My GP takes long to respond, If you call in the morning , they give you an appointment but its very frustrating.

It was an OK experience

July 7, 2021
Only a few days notice given for each appointment. Windows kept open and masks on. Distancing ok but not much space and this could have been more disciplined. Received jabs ok, in the reception area with one privacy board that only partially covered you as there was a large table at the side. It wasn't a usual member of staff who gave the jab. A number of people had been given the same time for the jab appointment, which meant there was a short amount of waiting and some unnecessary proximity to others. They did what they could, and it was an OK experience, very pleased to have the jab at the local GP surgery as we couldn't travel My biggest concern was they didn't fill in the jab card with the serial number of the vaccine, it was just pre-filled with the date.

Lack of knowledge of your diagnoses illness

May 5, 2021
Blood results have got worse but not speaking to usual gp told to just take a tablet

Very Helpful

April 30, 2021
Very helpful and supportive.

Never get through on phone Buckland end surgery

April 17, 2021
Never get through on phone Average 30 calls before they answer phone.

Almost no online services

April 14, 2021
Very difficult to get through by phone. Almost no online services. They make regular mistakes when ordering repeat prescriptions. Not enough time to discuss things with GP's, and feels like a battle against the GP to receive the right treatment.

Fairly efficient

April 14, 2021
It is a good surgery and fairly efficient but appointment times are difficult to attain.

Rude and ignorant staff and management

April 10, 2021
Unwilling to deal with patients. Patients are a nuisance to these people. They fail to realise they only have jobs because of patients. Concerted effort on behalf of practice staff to withhold and prevent access to healthcare.

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