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Attitude of of front office staff.

September 8, 2021
The communication between the rececpton or the electronic form to the GP is poor. The person dealing with the request given doesn't read or understand the patients requirement. The GP surgery have to be reminded repeatedly about any requests. There is no option to book appointments online.

Non medical receptionist triaging appointments

August 23, 2021
They have non medical receptionist triaging appointments. As far as I am aware you CANNOT book a F2F appointment. No wonder ED depts are overwhelmed when the primary care centres don't make it easy to see a doctor.

Surgery is getting worse

June 7, 2021
I’ve been with the surgery a number of years an it just gets worse, half the decent staff nurses an doctors have left. And where do I start with the reception there attitude is shocking they speak to you like absolute dirt!! They need to remember they are just receptionist they seem to forget!
Shantell Connaughton

Patients treated like cattle

May 6, 2021
v difficult to get appointment even in normal times


April 30, 2021
Very welcoming and well-organised. Medical staff were very reassuring and volunteers could not have been more hepful.


April 29, 2021
Excellent - really well organised.
Ruth Atkinson

My health & safety was a priority

April 29, 2021
I was processed by efficient caring staff & volunteers throughout the centre, which felt reassuring that I was in good hands & my health & safety was a priority.

Well laid out Woodgate medical center

April 26, 2021
Well laid out efficient and felt comfortable with whole vaccine process
Angela Yates

Well signposted Woodgate valley health centre

April 24, 2021
Well signposted at my local gp surgery. Not happy they did not organise the parking here. Dumping cars all over place.

Very good Woodgate valley health centre

April 24, 2021
Very good
Sylvia Statham

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