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Friendly staff Woodgate valley health center

April 24, 2021
Very good signs, friendly staff around to show people were to go

Professional Woodgate valley health centre

April 23, 2021
Professional. Well run. Polite. Considerate.

Centre very efficient and so well organised

April 15, 2021
Centre very efficient and so well organised everyone knows what to do, from volunteers to medical staff, as quickly and as pleasantly as possible. Clear safety markings and safe distancing measures. Queues move quickly and safely. Marquee was a bit cold in the snow, but bearable for 15 minutes. Would recommend people to get their vaccinations.
Susan Chapman

My GP is very good & helpful

February 27, 2020
My GP is very good & helpful. Doctors are very good but getting an appointment is challenging at times.

Good Doctors

May 22, 2018
Hard to get an appointment, however services of doctors is ok

No appointments

July 10, 2017
No appointments, if you get one, always late.
Rude staff.

Hard to get an appointment here

June 18, 2014
I feel that when I do see a doctor there is a lack of concern and I get brushed off.
Sarah Lilly

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Woodgate Valley Health Centre


0121 426 0088

61 Stevens Avenue
Woodgate Valley
West Midlands
B32 3SD


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